Deeper Learning

Activate Your Inner Healer & Usui Reiki Course

This is a beautiful foundation course into vibrational (energy) healing & Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 & Advanced.

Reiki (pronounced ray key), is a Japanese word made up of two syllables: Rei and Ki. “Rei” translating to “universal” and “Ki” translating to “life force”, together Reiki means universal life force energy. This is the energy that creates everything around and within us. It is an ancient healing technique that has been used to treat the body and mind since the 19th century.

Place your hand on your heart, feel that? that’s Reiki; seeing the blossoms shine for Spring? that’s Reiki; seeing the beautiful colours in our different fruits & vegetables? that’s Reiki; feel the inhale and the exhale of your breath? That’s Reiki. It is the very thing that we feel and understand as LIFE.

The healing modality of Reiki is a gentle, hands on, touch-based therapy that focuses on harnessing and channeling life force energy and radiating it outwards. This plays a vital role in our well-being as you can assess the quality of your life by the amount of life force energy flowing through you.

Struggling with aches, pains, injuries, illness, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues, weight issues, headaches or any other form of ailment (physical & mental) shows us the life force energy is not flowing as it should, there’s dis-ease with the flow of life within you (and this is where the word “disease” is derived from). This healing practice focuses on enhancing the flow of life force energy within you, increasing your levels of vitality and improving your overall quality of LIFE.

From my own experience and knowledge of the body, I have added information that will enhance your understanding of the interplay between emotions, disease, and the functioning of the physical body. Making this course fun, playful, unique, and eye opening to the beautiful magic that is around and within us.

This course plays a unique role in personal growth & development, deepens the connection to yourself & those around you, and creates a foundation from which living with self-awareness & new perspectives can shift your personal reality.

The Meet Your Inner Healer & Usui Reiki Course teaches you how to alter your emotional states through the gentle healing of Reiki, colour therapy, crystal healing, inner child work & much, much more. In addition, there is a particular focus on healing for animals and pets, learning about the animal chakra system and how to use Reiki for the health & well-being of your animals. 
This magical course guides you in learning to work with your own innate healing abilities, activating you & providing you with the freedom to take responsibility for your own health & emotional well-being. This information is the most beautiful accompaniment to any health regime & health care practice, enhancing & balancing anything you are already doing. 

For more information on this course, connect with me here.

The Happy Wait

The Happy Wait is a workshop that explores the waiting we place on ourselves to be happy with our body and how we rely intensely on our weight to reach happiness. It is time to start looking at body weight differently and this full day workshop does just that. Whether you are overweight or underweight your body fat is an amplifier of how you have been mismanaging your emotional and energetic state and the information provided here uncovers an exciting perspective on what messages you’ve missed from your body.

There are so many women who are WAITING on their WEIGHT for happiness, yet we have to stop and ask ourselves what if the secret ingredient was to get happy first? Some of the main points that will be covered in the course are:

  • The emotions that are held in different areas of the body
  • Discovering the beliefs & thought patterns linked to your body
  • The emotional culprits responsible for an increase in appetite & food intake
  • Understanding emotional alignment
  • Exploring new perspectives around your body
  • Understanding you are a result of your conditioning & beliefs, not a victim of food
  • Learning to understand your body, your emotions & how to have FUN with the journey getting healthy is here to show you

Workshop dates for 2019 are to be confirmed, but if you feel this workshop is for you and you can’t wait, get in touch with me here.

My Animal Mirror

My Animal Mirror is a workshop created to understand more about YOUR health and emotions reflected through your animals health and emotional state. Our animals have come into our lives to teach us, balance us, and heal parts within us. Looking into your animal mirror can create an awareness around your emotional state that directly affects your health and the health of your pet.

This workshop has 5 major objectives:

  • To recognize how certain attributes and emotions about your animal reflect similar emotions within yourself.
  • To recognize that your animals’ health or condition may have an emotional component that is linked to your own emotional state or underlying health status.
  • To link the animal and human chakras to understand how the emotions we feel get translated, transmuted, and assimilated in our animals.
  • To look at the positive and negative attributes of your animals and how these emotions function in terms of the balancing, teaching, and healing of yourself.
  • To create an emotional awareness within yourself that can be balanced and understood to assist in creating optimal well-being and balanced health for you and your animals.

Workshop dates for 2019 are being explored, but if you need to see something reflecting sooner, connect with me now.

I am always exploring new workshops, talks and courses to present so keep your eyes open for changes and updates. If there is something specific you are looking to learn more about within yourself, please share that with me, I’d love to know and be apart of your growth and journey.