Dragon Retreats

After the magical transformations and heart healings that occurred at last years Dragon Alchemy Retreat, there will be two opportunities lining up for Dragon Retreats in 2021. These weekends are a beautiful way to be deeply immersed in Dragon Medicine and Teachings, together with healing ceremonial practices that catalyze powerful shifts, support your personal development and accelerate your spiritual growth.

If you would like to be updated and sent information when the Dragon Retreats will be running in 2021, connect with me at ashleigh@ashleighjayne.co.za, I’d love to hear from you.

“When you allow your heart to open, you will know the truth of your being”

– Robbie, Otter Woman Standing

Dragon Alchemy Retreat 2020

The Dragon Alchemy Retreat was held in October in 2020 at the beautiful Tonglen Retreat Centre high in the mountains outside of Dullstroom. This magical weekend worked deeply with opening the suppressed parts of ourselves, allowing many feelings, wounds and discomforts to be processed and released. Through this journey the Dragons offered us Sacred Dragon Geometric Keys that we placed into each of our energy portals as Light Codes that were integrated following the retreat. There were three main ceremonial processes that occurred over the course of this weekend, all with the intention of supporting our re-birth. These ceremonies included a Sacred IxCacao Ceremony, a Nature Mapping Ceremony, and a Dragon Fire Ceremony.

This weekend was a special introduction to the medicine the Dragons are going to be offering many of us in the transformation of our consciousness as humanity and was truly a gift of heart transformation and expansion from the Dragons.

For more information about the venue, please visit their website: https://tonglenretreat.wixsite.com/tonglenretreat

The most generous, inspiring, and magical retreat I have ever experienced. Ashleigh held the entire weekend with incredible grace and heart. Darryn was such a wonderful and warm support. I feel I am leaving this weekend with gifts and insights that I will carry with me this entire lifetime. So grateful, thank you.

Leith Davis

Ashleigh and Darryn hold sacred space together with so much grace and beauty. I felt safe and held in a peaceful space to regenerate and rejuvenate my soul. The retreat venue was surreal and magical. The food was so nourishing and supportive to our processes. I am so grateful for this retreat and all the gifts it has bought me.

Simla Ramdayal

“The weekend was absolutely magnificent. The space was held and nurtured so beautifully, allowing all the medicine and magic to flow through so well. The lessons we learnt and the memories we made will last a lifetime. I am so thankful for the guidance, love and gentle teachings that were poured so abundantly into this weekend. All the planning, support, and effort put into this journey made it so special. Thank you.”

Kayla Domnakis

“Absolutely magical! Thank you Ash, for an amazing journey and for holding the space so beautifully. An incredible experience! Highly recommended!”

Vanessa Stevenson

“Incredibly generous, heart-opening, and brave space. Ashleigh has a real gift and the deep knowledge of how to hold people in transition, with the type and โ€œher howโ€ of the medicine that is required. It has been an amazing time, to be held, to discover, to integrate, and to broaden existence and understanding. I am so grateful for the gift of this time away. And the embodied way in which vulnerability was strength, the agility within crisis, the kindness and generosity under pressure. Ashleigh, you are a real teacher, and I am so thankful for your presence in my life. I feel deeply humbled by this experience, thank you.”

Cara Snyman

“Ashleigh is an amazing teacher and healer. The time spent on this retreat was almost surreal, the teachings to last a lifetime and the safe space provided to process was golden! The nature mapping was my favourite process, and the Fire Ceremony was my bridge to peace. Thank you Ashleigh.”

Claire Domnakis