Dragon Alchemy Retreat

Igniting Your Heart’s Joy

A mystical weekend retreat exploring the hidden beauty that exists within your heart space, transforming and opening your heart to higher planes of joy, love, abundance, and creativity. I welcome you to journey with me and explore the powerful ancient teachings from the ultimate heart healers, the Dragons.

As we are entering a new era, the Dragons have come to guide us, prepare us and offer unlimited support by rapidly transmuting old heart energy to higher potentials of bliss and joy. This transformation is offered through powerful Dragon heart teachings and initiations, Sacred Dragon Geometry Codes, ancient Native Ceremonies and Qigong practices. Surrounded by the high mountains of Dullstroom there are beautiful hikes, a labyrinth and magical spaces to connect and relax.

Important Retreat Information

  • Date: 24th April 2020 to the 27th April 2020
  • Venue: Tonglen Retreat Centre, Dullstroom
  • Bookings & more information: email Ashleigh Jayne at ashleigh@ashleighjayne.co.za
  • Included in the retreat: 3 nights accommodation at Tonglen, fully catered with daily delicious vegan meals, all retreat material, ceremonial supplies & retreat manual
  • Excluded in the retreat: Travelling to and from Tonglen


There are 3 investment options available for the Dragon Alchemy Retreat:

  • Full rate of R 5 750.00 per person from 1st March 2020
  • Payment plan of 3 installments of R 2 000.00 each, over 3 months

About Our Hearts

Over the years, we have naturally gathered old, stagnant, constricting emotions that have built up around our hearts and have closed us off to the many joyous wonders this life has to offer. This powerful weekend will submerge you into a space that will fully support the peeling away of the layers that have been keeping the heart power trapped and misaligned.

Within each of us dwells the gems of magnificent gifts that are an expression of who we really are and what are we here to share on this planet. It is through the power of joy, bliss, love, gratitude and creativity that we are able to fully give these gifts to the world. When our heart space is closed and limited, it shows up in our reality through relationship challenges, difficulty in expressing feelings and emotions, lack consciousness, deep seated sadness, disconnection to the physical body, challenges in experiencing physical and emotional intimacy, imbalances in giving and receiving, an overall feeling of being lost and disconnected, difficulty in committing to the souls expression of creativity, blocks to abundance and personal success, and an overarching sense of needing to control your life and physical environment.

As the consciousness and healing of the planet has increased in speed, the Dragons are now ready to connect to us and support the rapid healing that is required within our hearts, guiding us to align with the magnificent changes that are coming to our world. The magic of all this is possible through the powerful connections the Dragons make to our hearts; they read our hearts, hear our hearts and understand our hearts and its through the heart space we are able to connect to them and receive their powerful teachings.

This magical weekend is about connecting to your heart, expanding your heart space and retrieving the gifts of higher frequencies of love, joy, abundance, balance, intimacy, and creativity. These gifts are ready and awaiting within your heart, and the support of the Dragons and beautiful processes conducted over this weekend will assist you in the most important aspect of this journey; meeting who you are with these gifts.

“When you allow your heart to open, you will know the truth of your being”

– Robbie, Otter Woman Standing

About Dragon Medicine

Dragon Medicine is the most powerful heart ally that we will come into contact with during our time here on Earth. The Dragon’s fundamental code is one of joy, abundance, courage and love. This weekend will be fully supported, protected and enhanced by the powerful heart healing medicine the Dragons are bringing to our planet.

The Dragons have remarkable clearing abilities, that remove blocks, stagnant emotions, old beliefs, thoughts and troublesome patterning that contributes to limiting our transformation and expansion. Exploring your heart space and connecting to the alchemical nature of Dragon Medicine we are able to fully embody our uniqueness, experience our joy, align to a higher love and deepen our connection to each other and Mother Earth.

Connecting to Dragon Medicine is an uplifting, powerful, and life changing experience that takes your self-discovery journey to a completely different realm; introducing you to deeper levels of trust, encouragement, belief, possibilities and bliss within yourself. Overall, Dragon Medicine allows for deep transformation, self-discovery and shifts in your energy levels at a very high rate, working safely with your personal readiness for alignment.

Tonglen Retreat Centre

Dragon Alchemy Retreat will be held at Tonglen Retreat Centre in Dullstroom, around 4 hours from Johannesburg. The centre is set high up in the mountains, is eco-friendly and provides the idyllic setting to expand, transform and realign to your heart. The weekend will include full catering of vegan meals that will support, nourish and nurture the body during these high energy transitions. Tonglen offers beautiful hikes with spectacular views to let your heart soar, a labyrinth to deepen your inner search, ancient ruins to meditate with and all around magical spaces to integrate and support the inner journey you will be embarking on.

For more information about the venue, please visit their website: https://tonglenretreat.wixsite.com/tonglenretreat

What To Expect

The powerful transformations over this weekend will be carried through Dragon heart teachings and initiations that will clear the heart space, open the heart and attune you to greater frequencies of joy, love and abundance. The Sacred Dragon Geometry Codes will also be shared and initiated to you. These geometry codes are tools that will be gifted to you to incorporate in your everyday life to enhance protection, feel supported, clear challenging emotional states, increase abundance and manifestations and overall support the new alignment within your heart.

The magic occurring over this weekend will also include ancient Native Ceremonies such as a beautiful Sacred IxCacao Ceremony to open our hearts, connect to our higher selves and our emotional body and provide the foundation upon which the Dragon Medicine can alchemize within us. We will also be participating in a powerful Fire Ceremony to support and integrate the inner journey the Dragons have taken us on, to fully release the old, to transform and be reborn to a new heart space. The Sacred Dragon Fire Ceremony will allow us to honour our old selves and fully embrace the transformational journey we have been on, rising up to a heart full of joy.

Other practices will be included during the retreat and form part of the ceremonies such as Sand Painting (nature mapping) and Despacho making. There will also be morning Qigong sessions to settle, balance and expand the energy within the body and to prepare for the transformations ahead.

“This isn’t just a retreat; it is a complete realignment of the heart”

If you would like to find out more or have any questions about the Dragon Alchemy Retreat, I’d love to hear from you at ashleigh@ashleighjayne.co.za