Nusta Karpay Dragon Initiations

The Nusta Karpay are Quecha words meaning Goddess Initiations. The Nustas are the 7 Andean Goddesses, the princess archetypes of the mountains (Apus) and waters along the highlands of Peru and Bolivia that are passed on through the Incan Shamanic Tradition. We are moving through a time of great transformation and rebalancing of the conditioning and paradigms within our human narratives that are to bring great healing to Mother Earth (Pachamama); and the Nusta Karpay have come forward as a beautiful ancient and sacred Medicine to support this cleansing and transformation. These special, sacred, authentic initiations are spreading around the world to support the healing of our Earth and raising the conscious awareness of humanity.

The intent of the Nusta Karpay is to soften the hearts of both men and women and to help women connect to their Divine Power. The seven initiations are seeds of light and energetic points of transmission to balance the feminine and masculine energies within you. This supports the cleansing of both toxic masculine and toxic feminine paradigms we have carried for generations, creating the space within us to connect to our true inner essence and truth of our Divinity. As you heal and balance the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within yourself, so are you helping to heal those energies within Pachamama.  

The Nusta Karpay came forward and were gifted to us from the Andean Q’ero medicine women and men of Peru, via Don Mariano Quispe in 2010. Hearing the cry of Pachamama to heal her wounds and imbalances, the Nusta Karpay offered their sacred Medicine to the people that were deeply connected to the sacredness of the land. The wounds and imbalances held within Pachamama are reflected in our own wounds and the disharmony we experience within our inner selves, and the overall wounds and imbalances experienced within humanity as the collective consciousness. The Q’ero medicine men and women understood that the surest way to bring harmony and balance back to Pachamama, and to bring the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine into right relationship with Mother Earth was by gifting these ancient rites to the people, thereby re-introducing and elevating the Divine Feminine to her rightful place within men and women.

Part of reconnecting to these beautiful natural forces held within our Sacred Mother Earth is to open your heart energy to the supportive nature Dragons each Nusta works closely with. With the transmission of each Nusta Rite, you will be introduced to her Dragon helper if you so wish to integrate this powerful sovereign Medicine into your journey. The Dragons working with the Nustas are ancient Earth Guardians that have held the Sacred energy of Pachamama in place, protecting the mountains and lakes and are responsible for creating and carving the artistry of the landscapes we know today. The Nusta Karpay Dragons are there to offer deeper support, clearing and transmutation of imbalanced energy within you, and can offer additional guidance and wisdom that is in alignment with each Nusta. With each Nusta initiation, you will receive the Dragon Rite that is deeply connected to that particular Nusta.

This is an authentic journey unique to you and your Higher Self, a journey that represents the death of who you thought you were and opens the way for you to access who you really are as a Divine Sovereign being. Each Nusta and her Dragon will journey with you on a path that is designed solely for you. There is no right or wrong way to experience the Nusta Karpay or their Dragons; it is beautifully orchestrated to meet every need of your soul and your path here on Earth.

This unique and powerful journey is conducted on a one-on-one basis with me sitting in Sacred Ceremony to honour each Nusta and Her profound Medicine, together with Her Dragon. The duration of this Walk is 8 – 9 months depending on your needs and how this journey authentically unfolds for you. The time for each Nusta Karpay integration is 21 days and you will receive a Nusta Khuya (stone) for each Nusta Initiation to support and strengthen this light transmission. There are 7 Nusta Karpay Dragon Initiations in total and then a final additional 21 days dedicated to a complete integration of your Journey.

This has been the most profound healing work I have experienced for myself and my journey, and the most gracious and transformative work I have offered others. I invite you to open your heart to hear the call of the Nusta Karpay, they will reach out and offer you their hands when you are ready to Walk beside them and fully transform your life, with their Dragons soaring up above.

I have recently completed the Nusta initiations with Ashleigh. This process is unlike any other therapy, alternative healing, coaching etc. processes I’ve ever done. It has been incredible for me to see how the Nustas stir the pot of the unconscious to bring up whatever needs to be healed, felt, released in order to make … Continue reading Berdine Bronkhorst

Berdine Bronkhorst

I would be honoured to share the beautiful, powerful Medicine of the Nusta Karpay with you and to Walk beside you as you embody these initiations. If this Journey is speaking to you, click here to enquire and connect with me.