Sacred Ceremonies

“Ceremony isn’t the only time you’re supposed to carry yourself in a sacred way. It is supposed to remind you, that you are sacred, and to carry yourself that way everyday.” – Unknown

Sitting in ceremony and sacred ceremonial space is surprisingly a very natural and innate need for us, and this is because it is driven by connection. When we sit in ceremony, we are connecting to all that is sacred in this world, all that is sacred within each other and all that is sacred within ourselves. Many indigenous cultures practiced sitting in ceremony regularly, this way they were reminded that we are all interwoven in the infinite tapestry of existence.

Working with different shamanic ceremonies take us into the different worlds of our being and with the use of tools and nature medicine we are able to transform parts of ourselves that we would normally not have access to. Sitting in ceremony allows us to meet parts of ourselves that we have hidden or suppressed in a way that is open, loving, kind, and gracious; all of which supports deep inner healing and accesses a deep knowing of your true inner self.

Ceremonial practices are very deliberate, intentional and contain many processes and working parts that are all brought together to create a space of Divine Alchemy. There are many different types of ceremonies that use many different tools and medicines, sound healings, power animal medicines, plant spirit medicines, and nature elements; all of which show up for us to support deep inner processes, healings, realizations, insights, and Divine guidance. Powerful transformation and catalytic change occurs when people gather in ceremony.

Sacred ceremonial space creates a container in which we can be still, connect, share, express, feel, sing, play, dance, pray, and give thanks for all that we are and all that we are together as a collective whole. The ceremonial containers which I create are supported, protected, held, activated and enhanced by powerful, ancient Dragon Medicine. Every ceremony is unique and holds a specific intention that is aligned to the authentic energy and type of ceremony being held. Each sacred ceremony will be supported, blessed, intensified, cleansed and our prayers elevated with the Sacred Pipe (chanunpa) to manifest miracles and honour the Sacred Ways and the Red Path.

Sacred IxCacao Ceremonies

IxCacao ceremonies were used by the Mayan traditions dating back to 600 BCE as not simply food, but as a delicacy connecting to Divinity. In modern cultures we use the beautiful Mother energy of this plant medicine to open our hearts, connect to our emotional body, to experience feeling within our physical body, and to access our inner wisdom and intuition. Journeying and sitting in ceremony with Mama Cacao can take us to places within ourselves that require love, nurturing, and nourishment.

This gentle, soft plant medicine walks beside us as we step onto the pathway into our heart and sacral spaces. Other plant medicines may take us on an outward journey, pulling us out of the body into the higher realms; whereas IxCacao holds our hands as we journey deep into the underworld of our bodies, only going as far as we are willing to explore and holding us gently as we fully experience the emotional and feeling states that have long been seeking our attention.

IxCacao is an opener, opening our hearts, our bodies, intuition and emotions to fully experience our sensory selves, all the while deepening our connection to who we are and our innate inner wisdom. The beautiful Divine Feminine guidance from IxCacao, allows us to be supported, held, nourished, and nurtured during any deep alchemical process work. Some of the benefits of sitting in ceremony with Mama Cacao include:

  • Heart-opening & activation
  • Deeper connection to self & higher self
  • Activates creativity
  • Connectivity to the emotional body
  • Supportive spiritual awakening
  • Nurturing & activating inner wisdom
  • Mental clarity
  • Nourishing embodiment
  • Heart healing
  • Activated focus
  • Softening into the Divine Feminine energies
  • Healing the Sacred Masculine energies
  • Grounding & connectedness to Pachamama
  • Deep presence
  • Divine trust & surrender

Sacred ceremony with Mama Cacao can offer any practice expansion, depth and a unique connectedness to the Great Mystery, gifting you the space to allow life to flow through you with more intention, openness, and love.

Sitting in ceremony with IxCacao turns meditation into medicine, yoga into dance, writing into scribing, music into magic, fire into sorcery and song into Dreamweaving – Ashleigh Jayne

Are you looking to experience the nurturing magic of Mama Cacao and sit in sacred ceremony with the Divine Mother? Click here to connect with me and discover more.

Dragon Fire Ceremonies

A Dragon Fire Ceremony is deeply transformative, magical and full of mystical wonder. Sitting in ceremony under the evening sky around a Dragon Fire allows for rapid transmutation and cleansing, deep stillness and beautiful healing. Working with fire in this way allows us to take our struggles and turn them over to Spirit through the flames, thus enabling us to alchemize on a much deeper level without getting caught up in the process. A fire ceremony allows us to begin releasing our old stories, dramas, chaos, paradigms, and wounding, inviting us to renew our spirit, to revive our energy and soften into our own rebirth. By placing our troubles into the fire we surrender deeply to the healing power within and around us.

Fire also represents passion, expansion, celebration, creativity, opportunities, integration, initiation and rebirth. To fully step into the energy and Spirit of fire, particularly Dragon Fire, is to be utterly transformed, as many Dragon eggs are born and hatched through the element fire. The gift of Dragon Fire holds many mystical and magical properties that is able reach deeply into the parts of us that truly need healing. The fire of a Dragon offers rapid transmutation as well as creation, manifestation and abundance coding. Their fire opens us to receive deep activation of hidden gifts, alchemical geometry and other medicines held in our heart space. These ceremonies are often held around the full moon or new moon lunar cycles.

Are you feeling the call to sit in a Dragon Fire Ceremony for deep transformation, alchemy, magic and activations? To find out more, click here to ignite your inner Dragon fire with me.

Despacho Ceremonies

A Despacho ceremony can often be seen as a ceremony of gratitude, a gift to the organizing principles of the Universe to say thank you. The energic focal point of a Despacho ceremony is about exchange, and reestablishing the beauty of reciprocity (ayni) and right relationship with yourself and the Great Mystery. Despacho bundles can be weaved for healing, protection, offerings to the Earth and to Spirit, blessings or any intentions that you wish to pour wholehearted gratitude into. The Despacho is a living embodiment of the landscape of your life, that meets at the level of the heart and soul and ultimately connects you to the source of all Creation.

The Despacho ceremony is a gentle journey walking with the soul nature and the Spirit world to explore the beautiful inner workings and symbolism of each element and intentional offering used to build this sacred gift to the Universe. These bundles of gratitude can be weaved individually or communally and the ceremonies are traditionally performed in alignment with the natural cycles of our planet. A Despacho ceremony brings you into harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, the different worlds and the archetypal organizing principles of the Universe. The items used are symbolic of qualities you wish to offer, prayers of your heart, gifts of gratitude and unconditional love that has the power to shift energy, activate alignment and alter realties.

The Despacho ceremony will be held in a sacred Dragon Medicine container with an authentic and unique intention set for each alchemical process. This is a beautiful ceremony to open your heart, shift stagnant heart energy, welcome gratitude into your heart and return to your inner alignment, all supported by the loving medicine of the Dragons.

If you’d like to feel the alignment and heart transformations that come from sitting in a Despacho ceremony and reestablishing right relationship with your inner being and the Universe, click here to share your dreams with me.

The Rite of The Rainbow

This beautiful ceremony is created and held to honour your pet that has passed on and to celebrate the life they walked with you in their time here. It is a natural part of the energetic cycle of life-death-rebirth that we show reverence to each unique part of this cycle, and often with sacred pets the honouring of their passing is incomplete, leaving a gap in the energetic cycle of their journey here on Mother Earth.

The Rite of The Rainbow is a unique ceremony with the intention to complete this energetic cycle for your sacred pet, offering their soul graceful release from this plane and to create a space where your grief may be softly held. For all of us the deep heartache and loss we experience when an animal leaves our side is insurmountable and this unique ceremony has come through as a way to offer us unconditional support, Divine protection and a beautiful container to move through grief into pure love. The Rite of The Rainbow is a Light Code transmission that will be given to your pet as a gift of Divine Love from you to them, to ease their transition and celebrate the physical life they shared with you.

This is a beautiful shamanic ceremony filled with Dragon rainbow light and the unconditional love shared between you and your sacred pet where you are held gently and safely in a soft process, to honour the relationship to your animal and offer them the gift of gratitude and love to support the continuation of their souls journey.

If you have experienced the loss of your sacred pet and would like to gift them The Rite of The Rainbow to celebrate their life and honour their journey, click here to be gently supported.