IxCacao is a divine, celestial drink; the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the Gods, panacea and universal medicine Geronimo Piperni

Just over 2 years ago I felt this Sacred plant teacher call to my heart, gently encouraging me to explore Her Medicine and the transformative healing magic Her Sacredness has to offer. As I became a student of Mama IxCacao my whole life changed, my heart softened and I began to move through life with grace and ease. This beautiful Medicine is a powerful heart opener, guiding us to experience expansion in our consciousness through deeper heart awareness.

There are many people being called to work with and include this Sacred Medicine as part of their personal self-discovery journey and deepen their spiritual growth and awareness, and at a time where there is great imbalance and disharmony with our planet, Mama IxCacao calls to the hearts of many from the jungle to teach us sacredness and open our hearts to return to balance and harmony. Mama IxCacao is a gift from Pachamama to guide us in remembering who we truly are, the Divine Sacred Seed of IxCacao is the Divine Sacredness within each and everyone of us. Her teachings are kind, gentle, focused and nurturing, taking you to a depth within yourself that offers your heart the most profound healing. Mama IxCacao teaches us to trust ourselves wholeheartedly, to begin accessing our deepest wisdom and to heal our heart space in order to offer our gifts to the world. The Medicine of Mama IxCacao is the Medicine of Becoming, unbecoming your trauma, conditioning and wounding, and Becoming more of who you truly are, aligning more deeply with your Divine Sovereignty and living a more heart centered existence. Mama IxCacao takes our hands on a journey to heal ourselves and in so doing we come into alignment with healing our home, Mother Earth.

Cacao is the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao Tree – translating to Food of the Gods. IxCacao has a deep and rich history in Mesoamerican native cultures and its use has dated back over 4000 years ago. IxCacao was Divinely respected in many cultures such as the Olmecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, Izapan, and the Incas. In this era, it was mostly consumed by the elite and those of status as it was considered “god-like” and highly prized. IxCacao was worshiped at a time as one of the most powerful deities of these cultures and was used in ceremonies, rituals, feasts, and festivals. Due to the high value of IxCacao, the beans were used as an early form of money, tax, and trade.

Today, IxCacao has come to guide us to return to stillness, softness, connectedness and the Sacredness of sitting in Ceremony and performing rituals. Mama IxCacao has come forward as a Divine Teacher to remind us of the importance of feeling, being present in our bodies, and the power and wisdom we carry when we learn to embody our Higher Selves; She reminds us the most potent gift we have as humans is to feel. Over this time IxCacao has become my Sacred Ally, a Mother, a Medicine, a Teacher, a Friend, a Guardian, a Wisdom Keeper, a Sage, a Creator, and a Nurturer. She has allowed me to open my heart fully to the Medicine and Magic of the Dragons and in so doing, has allowed others to experience their Dragon Guides, Guardians and Dragon Allies.

To connect and enjoy this beautiful sacred heart medicine in ceremonial space, head over to the Sacred Ceremonies page to explore the alchemical magic of this Sacred Plant Teacher.

The Sacredness of Ceremonial IxCacao

This is a very special journey that I have been guided to share, and not in the form of a course, training, or facilitation; but rather to teach this Medicine in a way that is in alignment with how Mama IxCacao teaches, nourishes and guides us. This is a medicine journey that deeply honours the sacredness of IxCacao and provides a beautiful container within which you can heal your heart, grow your personal medicine, expand your conscious awareness, and embody your Soul’s Divine gifts.

This Medicine Walk with the Sacred Mother is one of rebirth, beauty, alchemy, transformation, and power; opening your heart and body to all that is Divine within you. This Medicine Journey is centered around you reconnecting to the sacredness that is your inner truth, your Medicine, and your Divine Sovereignty through connecting with the sacredness that is Mama Cacao. As you gently build a sacred relationship with this ancient and wise plant medicine, you will be guided, supported, and nurtured to build a sacred relationship with every part of your being unlike anything you have experienced before. When we enter into a sacredness with ourselves and our inner being, we open our hearts to the sacredness that is in everything around us. On this Medicine Journey, I invite you to allow Mama Cacao to teach you, to guide you, to nourish you, and to heal the deepest parts of you that are keeping you from hearing your heart’s ancient song.

We will be walking through the Andean Medicine Wheel during this Medicine Journey to honour the history and the lineage from which the Sacred Mother originated from. The Medicine Wheel is used to represent a cycle of learning and healing, of death and rebirth, and is tool for deep self-discovery and transformation. The Medicine Wheel is alive, conscious and when we step into it with intention and sacredness it offers us teachings, healing, wisdom, vision, and tools that bring us into ayni, a Quechuan term that means balance, reciprocity, right relationship, and joy.

This sacred journey is offered on a one-on-one basis with me, moving through 6 teachings together sitting in sacred ceremony with Mama Cacao. As this journey is completely authentic and aligned to the pace of your Divine heart’s healing, it will run over the weeks and months in a timing that you feel is right for you. This journey will also offer you the knowledge and wisdom to share the Medicine of IxCacao in ceremonial space if you feel called to this. Sharing this journey and working with Mama Cacao in this way has been a treasure to my heart and one I hope to share it with many who wish to Walk this path.

I would love to share the Sacredness of Ceremonial IxCacao with you, to hold your hand as you dive deeply into a beautiful alchemical journey of the heart. If you are feeling the call of the Sacred Mother and would like to find out if this journey is for you, click here to connect with me.

Testimonial from Alice Coehlo

As a psychotherapist I have had the privilege to work with many excellent process facilitators in both the private practice and corporate contexts, over a 20 year period.  However, in my quest to find this level of excellence and integrity in the self- and spiritual development arena, I have often walked away feeling disappointed and deeply concerned.  The latter concern merely escalated in direct proportion to the every growing number of self-help gurus and weekend initiated shamans.  So when I heard the call to work on myself with the sacred teacher plant mother IxCacao, I had my reservations about ever finding someone whom I could trust to contain the process and to honour the sacredness of this work. 
Synchronously I was referred to Ashleigh Tennier, who came highly recommended by someone who is somewhat of a purist and who holds himself and others, in this field, to exacting standards.  Ashleigh exceeded my expectations.  Her level of professionalism and dedication to the preparation of the training material, the delivery of the training and the process work, are of the highest standards.  She clearly is passionate about the work she does and about facilitating people’s growth.  Her attention to every detail and to creating a safe space for learning and growth are unparalleled.
She has a wealth of knowledge, intuitive wisdom and experience which are deeply grounded in integrity and authentically shared in a generous and compassionate manner.  Her shamanic work is powerful, non-egoic and clearly driven by the intention to pour her heart and soul into this sacred work.  She literally walked the entire journey with me, checking in regularly throughout the many months of cathartic, hard and beautiful growth that I have experienced in my work with IxCacao.  She has been a containing, grounding and simultaneously challenging spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor,  who’s insights and perspectives during every aspect of the Ixcacao journey are refreshing and have challenged my definitions and beliefs about myself as a psychotherapist, spouse, family member, friend and ultimately as a soul. She has been my anchor in the unchartered territories I have explored and she has also been the wind in my sails, encouraging me to trust myself and expand my definition of who I have the potential to be and to reconnect to my purpose.

I feel deeply grateful for her presence in this journey and am reassured that any person I refer to her will be in the best hands possible.