“I met Ashleigh last year at a talk on cravings, when I was sick and tired of dieting and felt like nothing was working. My cravings were through the roof and I resisted anything that looked like a Can/Can’t plan. I started going for sessions with Ashleigh and have completed 3 cycles of 4 sessions each. From the start I resonated with her because of her holistic view on diet and health. I knew instinctively that I was eating because of all the things eating me. We started uncovering the emotional layers and the stuck beliefs I had about myself, my life and mostly about my success.

The greatest value I got from the sessions was dealing with and transforming huge blocks on self-love, self-confidence, trust, and feeling safe within myself. It was tough to face some of the emotions coming up in the sessions, but Ashleigh skillfully navigates through the blocks to help transform and shift it to a different level. She has patience, compassion, skill, intuition and most of all an understanding for what is not said, the communication with the body and the overall connection between it all.

I have not gone on another diet and have simply chosen to focus on alignment, increasing my self-love and trust and partnering with my body for health. I feel more energized, more grounded, more me and happy with who I am than ever before. The result is that I now eat for energy, I train for enjoyment and clarity of mind and the foundation of it all is self-love instead of self-loathing.

I would recommend going on a journey of transformation with Ashleigh to anyone feeling like they’ve done it all, they are desperate for real change and maybe not knowing exactly what is eating at them. I love who I am today more than ever and it shows in my business and in my relationships.

Thank you Ashleigh! You are doing amazing work on transforming the “weight loss” industry.”

Berdine Bronkhorst

“It was wonderful to be able to understand my beloved pets on such a level and how they function emotionally. It was humbling to learn about how they take up our illnesses to help us and teach us about our own emotional state. My Animal Mirror was hugely helpful in understanding why they come into our lives.”

Tali Rouveni

“I was at high school with Ashleigh and recently reconnected with her on Facebook which opened the door for me to see what line of work she is in. Everything that Ashleigh would post drew me in and resonated with me. For many years I have suffered with chronic illness and deep emotional traumas. I have tried and tested the conventional and natural route which has led me to a place of knowing that all illness comes from an emotional root, however I never knew where to begin or how to go about healing my emotional wounds.

After my recent chronic flare up, Ashleigh and I spoke and we did a trial online distance session as I live in the Western Cape, and she is based in Johannesburg. We did a WhatsApp video call where Ashleigh used her Reiki and Life Alignment modalities to work with me. I was open minded and didn’t know what to expect. Well, it was as if I was right in the room with her and the healing that took place was worth 10 sessions with a therapist! I’ve had a few more sessions with Ashleigh that have been nothing short of mind-blowing breakthroughs for my emotional and physical self. Simply life changing! Ashleigh is incredible at what she does. If you’re wondering whether this would be the right journey for you to take for healing yourself, then the chances are IT IS. It’s THE best investment you’ll ever make!”

Lauren Lowenburg

“Ashleigh has done work in both my business space as well as several private spaces – my home, and the homes of family and friends. In each instance Ashleigh’s skill in balancing and clearing has allowed for an intense clarity and fluidity to enter these spaces, while also ensuring that the spaces are protected and have the appropriate boundaries in place. 

The people who live and work in these spaces, and the business and interactions that take place, all enjoy the profound benefit from the clearing work done. Ashleigh’s care and instinctual sense of what is required to keep things both fluid as well as protected – while also setting an intention for necessary future movements – continues to have a great and positive impact.” 

David Brodie

“The Healing & Usui Reiki course was a fantastic journey of self-discovery and learning something totally new.  The way I view life, situations and what is important has now changed, for the better.  The course is detailed and covers each aspect of Reiki beautifully, balancing it with practical links to what illness is experienced in the body.  

Ashleigh has given me the tools to assist my dogs (two rescue Staffies), people around me and myself. If you are ready to challenge your boundaries and want to experience your healing power, Ashleigh is the right lady.”

Gillian Mead

“Ashleigh recently came through to our house to do an Animal Reiki session with our Jack Russell, Callie. My husband, Warrick and I were a bit skeptical of whether Reiki would have any effect on our Jack Russell but we thought why not give it a go to see if it would help as she is a very dominant and hyperactive dog.

During the session we noticed that Callie was very interested in being around Ashleigh. Ashleigh also revealed things about Callie’s needs and her past that no one could make up as they were spot on accurate. She also suggested to us a few things we needed to change around our behaviour with Callie to help calm her down and make her less anxious. After the session we implemented some of the key changes we were recommended and there has been a noticeable change in Callie’s temperament. Our family and friends have also commented that she seems to be a lot calmer and less on edge.

My husband and I would definitely recommend Ashleigh for Animal Reiki. She is professional and has a very natural, calming connection with animals, which we saw straight away when she met Callie for the first time.”

Camilla & Warrick Kernes

“Ashleigh helped me to rediscover my healthy relationship with food. She takes a holistic approach; as food is so much more that just nourishment to most of us. Slight tweaks to my current diet is all it took and I’ve been seeing continued and sustainable success in both my relationship with food as well as weight-loss over the past three months. I highly recommend her.”

Carla Thiele