I have attended the last 2 Sacred Cacao ceremonies that Ashleigh has hosted and each time had profound and insightful experiences, both under the medicinal influence of the Cacao and the empathetic guidance of Ashleigh.

The experience is one that is very personal, but you will leave there feeling empowered, centered and more connected with your inner self and the world around you.

I am looking forward to my next ceremony with Ashleigh and highly recommend it under her serine stewardship to each and everyone that may be reading this.

Darren Thalrose

I have been blessed to attend several Cacao and Dragon ceremonies with Ashleigh with each ceremony having its own depth, beauty and journey of connection to self.

Ashleigh is a deeply connected facilitator who embodies connection, spirit and healing. Her guidance, connection and ability to tap into various dimensions and realms allows her to hold each participate with love, care and devotion throughout the ceremony thus also allowing each participant to explore their own path of exploration. A truly magnificent, not always easy, journey.

Every time I see Ashleigh is doing another ceremony, I book straight away as I know the beautiful mindful and soulful journey that awaits me at EVERY Ceremony!

Ash, Thank you so much for being a beacon of light, not only in every Ceremony you host, but as Spiritual Guide and Healer who is always prepared to go a layer deeper to support us Human Souls in our interesting Journey called Life! I can’t wait for your next Ceremony!!!!

Carmen Bell

I have attended 3 Cacao ceremonies so far and Ashleigh’s beautiful guided meditations have taken me on amazing spiritual journeys that have helped me tear down the walls of my heart space, helping release trapped emotions and really get in touch with my spiritual self.

Ashleigh creates a safe, non-judgmental space during the ceremonies that are filled with love and have a peaceful energy.

Following a ceremony I feel calm, peaceful, grounded and inspired. Thank you Ashleigh for all the healing work you do!

Abigail Thalrose

I have loved your Cacao ceremonies. From the beautiful setting of plants, flowers, crystals and cards to the way you created an intentional focus for each ceremony, it always delights the soul.

The space you create feels safe and exciting as we journey with Cacao to hear her guidance. Your guided meditation is especially helpful to navigate and work with Cacao. Cacao has an intensity in your ceremonies that is quite special and with your sacred drumming it creates journeys of wisdom and insight.

Thank you for holding the space with so much love and care.

Berdine Bronkhorst

After struggling for several months to find a tenant for a Cape Town property, we called Ashleigh in to do a distance clearing. 

Before commencing we had an in-depth discussion of what issues might need attention. Ashleigh then proceeded with her powerful and incisive work, which managed to completely shift the feeling of the space, as well as my own frame of mind. 

Afterwards we had a thorough debrief conversation where Ashleigh explained in detail what had been needed, and offered some guidance of what the space might require from me going forward. 

Within a few days we found a lovely tenant who, I’m happy to say, still enjoys the benefit of Ashleigh’s work. 

Subsequently I have called on Ashleigh to do further distance clearings; her deeply-grounded and intuitive skill in these instances resulted in a notable benefit. Ashleigh’s work has a profound impact both on spaces themselves as well as all who spend time in them.

I have personally benefited greatly from working with her and would recommend her work highly, regardless of wherever in the world it is needed. 

Danya Brodie

What a session!!! I love that I can be at home in KZN while Ashleigh did the session remotely for me from JHB. Ashleigh works very deeply, and uncovered an issue I didn’t even know was there.

Being a healer myself for the past 20 years, it is rare for me to find someone I trust to work on me, but with Ashleigh I knew I was in the right hands. With just the one session, things shifted SO deeply that literally the next day my whole life was different; I was completely open to receiving goodness and love that a miracle came into my life and turned things around for me completely.

Ashleigh is truly gifted, and I will be doing distance sessions with her many, many times in my journey ahead. Thank you Ashleigh.

Mixs Swart

I was referred to Ashleigh about two and a half years ago by a friend of mine.  From my first session with Ashleigh, I knew Ashleigh was the one to lead me to enlightenment.  Ashleigh was so connected and knowledgeable in so many ways.  I felt comfortable from the first session.

I have been on my spiritual path for many many years, I was growing slowly but surely.  After just a year of sessions with Ashleigh I found myself more enlightened and connected with my spiritual path than ever before.  I realised that having the right support and guidance help speed up my process.  I did not want to stop and looked forward to my sessions.

Sadly, about a year and a half into my sessions I decided to emigrate, I was devastated and told Ashleigh I didn’t trust anyone else with my spiritual journey and what was I to do.  Ashleigh suggested some remote sessions via Video Calls, I was a little hesitant and thought it would be a challenge.  I had seen such progress in myself and did not want to hinder my growth.

Once I settled down in my new country, we did our first session.  It was a little funny and unfamiliar at first, but a year into our remote sessions it’s just the same as if I were in Ashleigh’s rooms.  It works, I still feel the energy, tingles in my toes, and feel MUCH lighter afterwards.  Ashleigh gives our sessions undivided attention just as before, if not more.  I am so happy and my growth continues with Ashleigh’s kind guidance, from all the way across the world.

Whether you’re in Ashleigh’s rooms, on the phone, video call – it’s the intention you set with yourself and the session with Ashleigh, allow it and it will be.

Thank you Ashleigh for being so selfless and a wonderful, true soul.

Veronica Pereira

“I met Ashleigh last year at a talk on cravings, when I was sick and tired of dieting and felt like nothing was working. My cravings were through the roof and I resisted anything that looked like a Can/Can’t plan. I started going for sessions with Ashleigh and have completed 3 cycles of 4 sessions each. From the start I resonated with her because of her holistic view on diet and health. I knew instinctively that I was eating because of all the things eating me. We started uncovering the emotional layers and the stuck beliefs I had about myself, my life and mostly about my success.

The greatest value I got from the sessions was dealing with and transforming huge blocks on self-love, self-confidence, trust, and feeling safe within myself. It was tough to face some of the emotions coming up in the sessions, but Ashleigh skillfully navigates through the blocks to help transform and shift it to a different level. She has patience, compassion, skill, intuition and most of all an understanding for what is not said, the communication with the body and the overall connection between it all.

I have not gone on another diet and have simply chosen to focus on alignment, increasing my self-love and trust and partnering with my body for health. I feel more energized, more grounded, more me and happy with who I am than ever before. The result is that I now eat for energy, I train for enjoyment and clarity of mind and the foundation of it all is self-love instead of self-loathing.

I would recommend going on a journey of transformation with Ashleigh to anyone feeling like they’ve done it all, they are desperate for real change and maybe not knowing exactly what is eating at them. I love who I am today more than ever and it shows in my business and in my relationships.

Thank you Ashleigh! You are doing amazing work on transforming the “weight loss” industry.”

Berdine Bronkhorst

“It was wonderful to be able to understand my beloved pets on such a level and how they function emotionally. It was humbling to learn about how they take up our illnesses to help us and teach us about our own emotional state. My Animal Mirror was hugely helpful in understanding why they come into our lives.”

Tali Rouveni

“I was at high school with Ashleigh and recently reconnected with her on Facebook which opened the door for me to see what line of work she is in. Everything that Ashleigh would post drew me in and resonated with me. For many years I have suffered with chronic illness and deep emotional traumas. I have tried and tested the conventional and natural route which has led me to a place of knowing that all illness comes from an emotional root, however I never knew where to begin or how to go about healing my emotional wounds.

After my recent chronic flare up, Ashleigh and I spoke and we did a trial online distance session as I live in the Western Cape, and she is based in Johannesburg. We did a WhatsApp video call where Ashleigh used her Reiki and Life Alignment modalities to work with me. I was open minded and didn’t know what to expect. Well, it was as if I was right in the room with her and the healing that took place was worth 10 sessions with a therapist! I’ve had a few more sessions with Ashleigh that have been nothing short of mind-blowing breakthroughs for my emotional and physical self. Simply life changing! Ashleigh is incredible at what she does. If you’re wondering whether this would be the right journey for you to take for healing yourself, then the chances are IT IS. It’s THE best investment you’ll ever make!”

Lauren Lowenburg