As a psychotherapist I have had the privilege to work with many excellent process facilitators in both the private practice and corporate contexts, over a 20 year period.  However, in my quest to find this level of excellence and integrity in the self- and spiritual development arena, I have often walked away feeling disappointed and deeply concerned.  The latter concern merely escalated in direct proportion to the every growing number of self-help gurus and weekend initiated shamans.  So when I heard the call to work on myself with the sacred teacher plant mother IxCacao, I had my reservations about ever finding someone whom I could trust to contain the process and to honour the sacredness of this work. 

Synchronously I was referred to Ashleigh Tennier, who came highly recommended by someone who is somewhat of a purist and who holds himself and others, in this field, to exacting standards.  Ashleigh exceeded my expectations.  Her level of professionalism and dedication to the preparation of the training material, the delivery of the training and the process work, are of the highest standards.  She clearly is passionate about the work she does and about facilitating people’s growth.  Her attention to every detail and to creating a safe space for learning and growth are unparalleled.

She has a wealth of knowledge, intuitive wisdom and experience which are deeply grounded in integrity and authentically shared in a generous and compassionate manner.  Her shamanic work is powerful, non-egoic and clearly driven by the intention to pour her heart and soul into this sacred work.  She literally walked the entire journey with me, checking in regularly throughout the many months of cathartic, hard and beautiful growth that I have experienced in my work with IxCacao.  She has been a containing, grounding and simultaneously challenging spiritual teacher, guide, and mentor,  who’s insights and perspectives during every aspect of the Ixcacao journey are refreshing and have challenged my definitions and beliefs about myself as a psychotherapist, spouse, family member, friend and ultimately as a soul. She has been my anchor in the unchartered territories I have explored and she has also been the wind in my sails, encouraging me to trust myself and expand my definition of who I have the potential to be and to reconnect to my purpose.

I feel deeply grateful for her presence in this journey and am reassured that any person I refer to her will be in the best hands possible.

Alice Coelho