I have recently completed the Nusta initiations with Ashleigh. This process is unlike any other therapy, alternative healing, coaching etc. processes I’ve ever done. It has been incredible for me to see how the Nustas stir the pot of the unconscious to bring up whatever needs to be healed, felt, released in order to make space for the their gifts. It has by no means been an easy process and was it not for Ashleigh’s dedication, support and wise guidance during the process, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to complete it. It is imperative to have a guide with acute sensitivity, a softness of heart and a non-negotiable stance for growth and transformation on a level I haven’t experienced yet, to help navigate this process. Ashleigh has that and the wisdom and knowing when to support and when to allow the process to unfold. She creates an impeccable container for this foreign-to-foreigners-medicine to show up and do its magic. I would not have wanted to walk this journey with anyone else. It has been quite difficult to work with the Nustas in ways that doesn’t make sense to the logical mind. This is a process of dropping into the heart space and entering into a trust relationship with spirit that will get you through the most difficult ego-challenges. I am amazed by this medicine and forever grateful for the clearing and cleaning out it has brought about. I can honestly say that it has changed and transformed my life.

Berdine Bronkhorst