I have been blessed to attend several Cacao and Dragon ceremonies with Ashleigh with each ceremony having its own depth, beauty and journey of connection to self.

Ashleigh is a deeply connected facilitator who embodies connection, spirit and healing. Her guidance, connection and ability to tap into various dimensions and realms allows her to hold each participate with love, care and devotion throughout the ceremony thus also allowing each participant to explore their own path of exploration. A truly magnificent, not always easy, journey.

Every time I see Ashleigh is doing another ceremony, I book straight away as I know the beautiful mindful and soulful journey that awaits me at EVERY Ceremony!

Ash, Thank you so much for being a beacon of light, not only in every Ceremony you host, but as Spiritual Guide and Healer who is always prepared to go a layer deeper to support us Human Souls in our interesting Journey called Life! I can’t wait for your next Ceremony!!!!

Carmen Bell