From the first moment that I met Ashleigh I felt that I could trust her wholeheartedly. She has a shy demure that masks a strong conviction for what she does. Ashleigh is a deep observer and through her observation she connects with you and your body’s energy. Her affinity to create this connection allows her to find your inner “knots” and trapped emotions that are blocking you. Like a physiotherapist she delicately but effectively works with your energetic and emotional blockages to release them. Far more effective than a session with a therapist – Ashleigh is able to see through our ego’s ability to hide and mask our own issues. She respects and knows her skill and only wants the best for her patients.

I would highly recommend Ashleigh and will continue to see her for ongoing sessions as a crucial part of my well-being. Like a loving parent, a kind pet and nourishing bowl of food, Ashleigh is what makes life beautiful because she helps you to see that beauty and feel it for your self, your life, and your whole being.

Daniel Calbacho