After struggling for several months to find a tenant for a Cape Town property, we called Ashleigh in to do a distance clearing. 

Before commencing we had an in-depth discussion of what issues might need attention. Ashleigh then proceeded with her powerful and incisive work, which managed to completely shift the feeling of the space, as well as my own frame of mind. 

Afterwards we had a thorough debrief conversation where Ashleigh explained in detail what had been needed, and offered some guidance of what the space might require from me going forward. 

Within a few days we found a lovely tenant who, I’m happy to say, still enjoys the benefit of Ashleigh’s work. 

Subsequently I have called on Ashleigh to do further distance clearings; her deeply-grounded and intuitive skill in these instances resulted in a notable benefit. Ashleigh’s work has a profound impact both on spaces themselves as well as all who spend time in them.

I have personally benefited greatly from working with her and would recommend her work highly, regardless of wherever in the world it is needed. 

Danya Brodie