“I was at high school with Ashleigh and recently reconnected with her on Facebook which opened the door for me to see what line of work she is in. Everything that Ashleigh would post drew me in and resonated with me. For many years I have suffered with chronic illness and deep emotional traumas. I have tried and tested the conventional and natural route which has led me to a place of knowing that all illness comes from an emotional root, however I never knew where to begin or how to go about healing my emotional wounds.

After my recent chronic flare up, Ashleigh and I spoke and we did a trial online distance session as I live in the Western Cape, and she is based in Johannesburg. We did a WhatsApp video call where Ashleigh used her Reiki and Life Alignment modalities to work with me. I was open minded and didn’t know what to expect. Well, it was as if I was right in the room with her and the healing that took place was worth 10 sessions with a therapist! I’ve had a few more sessions with Ashleigh that have been nothing short of mind-blowing breakthroughs for my emotional and physical self. Simply life changing! Ashleigh is incredible at what she does. If you’re wondering whether this would be the right journey for you to take for healing yourself, then the chances are IT IS. It’s THE best investment you’ll ever make!”

Lauren Lowenburg