I was referred to Ashleigh about two and a half years ago by a friend of mine.  From my first session with Ashleigh, I knew Ashleigh was the one to lead me to enlightenment.  Ashleigh was so connected and knowledgeable in so many ways.  I felt comfortable from the first session.

I have been on my spiritual path for many many years, I was growing slowly but surely.  After just a year of sessions with Ashleigh I found myself more enlightened and connected with my spiritual path than ever before.  I realised that having the right support and guidance help speed up my process.  I did not want to stop and looked forward to my sessions.

Sadly, about a year and a half into my sessions I decided to emigrate, I was devastated and told Ashleigh I didn’t trust anyone else with my spiritual journey and what was I to do.  Ashleigh suggested some remote sessions via Video Calls, I was a little hesitant and thought it would be a challenge.  I had seen such progress in myself and did not want to hinder my growth.

Once I settled down in my new country, we did our first session.  It was a little funny and unfamiliar at first, but a year into our remote sessions it’s just the same as if I were in Ashleigh’s rooms.  It works, I still feel the energy, tingles in my toes, and feel MUCH lighter afterwards.  Ashleigh gives our sessions undivided attention just as before, if not more.  I am so happy and my growth continues with Ashleigh’s kind guidance, from all the way across the world.

Whether you’re in Ashleigh’s rooms, on the phone, video call – it’s the intention you set with yourself and the session with Ashleigh, allow it and it will be.

Thank you Ashleigh for being so selfless and a wonderful, true soul.

Veronica Pereira