This is Me

My passion is healing. Over the years I have learnt that there is not one aspect of health that is more important than the other and in order to achieve complete wellness the entire being of body, mind and soul should be considered.

I began my journey into health through sport and exercise and went on to obtain my BSc. Sports Science degree at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). From here I started working as a personal trainer and assisted a variety of people in achieving their health and fitness goals, learning rapidly the role that nutrition and healthy eating plays in reaching these desired health outcomes. I decided to expand my knowledge of nutrition and went on to complete the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) diploma in Sports Nutrition attending their lecture course requirements and symposiums in the United Kingdom (UK).

During this time my own health took an unpleasant turn for the worse and I was placed on chronic medication and experienced severe weight gain. I was very unhappy within myself, with my body, my health and my environment and I found comfort in food. From the weight gain and medication, I experienced terrible side effects to my health, self-worth, and confidence and decided to make some important changes to my lifestyle; I began ‘dieting’ to drop weight quickly, I experimented with a variety of weight loss supplements, I read many different diet books and I started exercising excessively. Much to my surprise there was no change in my weight, my body or the way that I felt.

I decided to see a Dietitian to educate myself better on everyday healthy nutrition; I loved the information I received but another restrictive eating plan wasn’t the solution my heart & soul needed. In feeling hopeless, overweight and unhealthy, I wanted to give up on myself and my body when I realised that my mind, emotional well-being and my relationship with myself was completely being neglected. My vibrational frequency was low. In further reading the endless diet books out there I decided I wanted to become a Dietitian and I went on to study my BSc. Med. Hons in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Cape Town (UCT), to understand fully the science behind nutrition and to help other people out there experiencing the same challenges towards health, their bodies and themselves as I did.

My journey to becoming a Dietitian helped me improve my relationship with myself, my soul and my food and I recovered from my weight gain and no longer needed chronic medication. I began to understand that there is an aspect to health that is not promoted enough, and that is the emotional, mental and energetic part. I have always been fascinated by alternative healing techniques and the amazing way the soul speaks to us through our body. During my own self-discovery journey & healing process, I became an International LightarianTM Reiki Master and Life Alignment practitioner. With these healing modalities and other techniques I’ve learnt over the years, I have seen the importance that emotional & vibrational alignment plays on our health & well-being and this is my true purpose – to raise the vibrational frequency of the entire being to support them in experiencing new states of existence.

My goal is to assist anyone looking to improve their life by improving their vibrational frequency, and supporting a journey to a healthy relationship with themselves and their bodies as well as finding a healthier, more peaceful relationship with food.

I am registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Discovery Vitality Network.