The Feeling of Food

I have spent the last 13 years working in the health industry, from studying my BSc. Sports Science at the University of Johannesburg to completing my BSc. Medical Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Cape Town. In that time, I experienced my own personal standoff with anti-depressants, weight gain, cluster migraines, a stomach ulcer, and the typical cocktail of chronic medication prescribed to this profile that leaves an aftermath of side effects intolerable to the human body. Naturally, I sought help from each professional in their field looking to improve my physical state of being.

Surely this cannot be the solution to health and well-being? A question that I would often ask myself while searching for that vitality, that healthy glow, that optimal lifestyle, that energy, that vibration that exudes wellness.

In the year of completing my community service at Helen Joseph Hospital my life changed completely. The concept of alternative healing and energy medicine was never too far out of the realm of my thinking and I decided that I needed HEALING, not another tablet, eating plan or dietary change. I went on to study a variety of healing modalities, techniques and processes that shone a light on the real reason my health and physical body was stuck in the dark.

My body was carrying trauma from my childhood, trapped emotions that were never allowed an outlet, low self-esteem, shame, fear, anger and an array of other thought patterns and beliefs that were contributing to the way my physical construct was functioning. My health was a direct reflection of the way I felt about myself, the world around me and my life. Sick thoughts create a sick body.

When it comes to health, eating well, and weight loss there are certain beliefs that we carry within the subconscious mind that will determine the real outcome of our lifestyle goals. Dr. Joseph Murphy writes in his book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, “your subconscious mind is the secret place where your outer life develops.” I saw that I was trying to create change with 2-4% of my mind power (the percentage of mind power used for conscious thinking), just like everyone else,  versus working with my beliefs and old thought patterns that make up 96-98% of my mind power (the percentage of mind power held within the subconscious). When we address health and change, we are not looking in the right places as to why people are struggling with their weight and are unwell in the first place. There is dis-ease within the subconscious mind resulting in disease within the body.

As Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy. What we have called matter is really energy, whose vibration has been lowered to be perceivable to the senses. There is no matter, only energy.” The question I began asking myself was what if we started looking at health and weight loss in terms of vibrational frequency, as an energy instead of treating it like matter. I know from my own personal journey that I was suffering because my vibrational frequency was low, and the reason it was low was due to the emotions, thought patterns and beliefs I held within my body and my mind.

It is splayed all over social media and self-help sections that if you want to change your life, you need to change your thinking. But what does that really mean? Do I simply just think a happy thought, and everything is better? It appears to be a little more challenging than that, and simply because we all have a standard baseline vibration that we function from, and usually it is low.

Dr. David Hawkins developed a framework called the map of consciousness, where he ranked certain emotional levels, the frequency log at which atoms vibrate at according to that emotional level, other emotions linked to that level and the human behavioural pattern one participates in when they are on that vibrational level. Some of our lower vibrating states include shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride. The higher vibrating states include courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. The framework is a simple guide to see where we are functioning vibrationally based on our emotional state.

I began noticing that the fundamental baseline of vibrational frequency that people were functioning at largely affects their eating patterns, nutritional intake, digestion, absorption and elimination processes. And, understandably so. When you are feeling down or stressed, your vibrational frequency is low and that will direct a natural drive towards foods that tend to have a low vibrational frequency. I’m sure you can guess which those include? Highly processed foods, that are generally classified as unhealthy. When your vibration is higher, and you are feeling good, this will direct a natural drive towards foods that have a higher vibrational frequency. And I’m sure you can imagine what those are? Vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, legumes and lean protein; predominantly a whole foods plant-based diet (more plants in the diet than anything else). This concept of like attracting like in terms of vibration is physics and, therefore must apply to energy, emotions, and the body.

The map of consciousness shows us that if your fundamental vibrational frequency is one of guilt, you will experience the emotion blame, whether of yourself or others, and the behavioural patterning linked to that is destruction. Look at that cycle of emotions and behaviour and see how challenging creating a lifestyle change would be if that process makes up 98% of your mind power. Another one that is interesting is the frequency of desire and how that leads to the emotion of craving and results in the behaviour of enslavement. How many people are trapped in their craving cycles, their weight loss desires and are slaves to their negative thoughts about their bodies and themselves? When the vibration shifts to one of courage, we experience affirmation and our behavioural patterning becomes one of empowerment. How much easier would it be to create eating patterns from a place of empowerment, self-affirmation and courage as opposed to guilt? I think it’s rather obvious.

Food is an energy in itself; it has a vibrational frequency of its own. And how do you know which foods have a higher vibration than others? Ask yourself how much life does this food have flowing through it. Let’s compare a carrot to a packet of chips. The carrot is alive, and well, the chips have been dead for quite some time. We all want more life, more energy, and more vitality but we are not eating enough of the foods that are full of life, and that are high vibrational.

So, this is my work, to challenge the old ways of thinking and to find new ways of looking after yourself, your body and your nutrition. Many of us are looking for an outside approach to fix an inside problem, and yes there are external aspects that can help shift your vibration. But the real work comes from the inside and changing your fundamental baseline vibration. Most of us eat according to how we currently feel, change that up and eat according to how you would like to feel. Alternatively, we must ask the question, what would happen to your eating habits and your weight loss goals if you changed your vibration, if you felt fundamentally different about yourself? And yes, I can hear many of you saying that if you lost weight you would feel better. I’m going to ask you if that thinking is really, truly, honestly working for you? I know it’s not because I was there. Change your vibration and how you feel about yourself RIGHT NOW and the weight will shift. Your old thinking created that weight, so new thinking is what you need to lose it.

And, as for me, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, I’m pain free, I’m drug free and I’m more in love with my life and my body than I have ever been. I live according to my vibration and it’s shown me that to experience total wellness, you need to vibrate with inner wholeness.